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Search Engine Shenanigans III

ah…finally enough time has elapsed that i was able to collect more than simple, boring search references for naked madame secretaries and photographers looking for use and abuse of their works.

in this installment of Search Engine Shenanigans (previous installments are here and here), i’m going to dispense with even mentioning that people primarily come here (apparently from all over the globe) looking for nude photos of Condoleezza Rice. so, not only will you not see various spellings of her name listed below, i will refrain from making mention of the fact that there are obviously several hundred perverts in the crowd.

so, with no further ado, and in no particular order, below are this installment’s most titillating search terms which led visitors to the otherwhirled in the past week or so.

  • perverts r us ~ lovely. it’s good to know i’m probably contributing to the delinquency of our youth.
  • fred thompson on pedophiles ~ perhaps old Fred preaches to the choir in that regard, huh?
  • may december romance ~ one of Tengrain’s contributions to the otherwhirled continues to live on!
  • bald men attraction ~ that should make Bing happy, anyway!
  • unconfirmed sources ~ they’re the best kind, or at least that’s what the reporters at Fox News seem to think!
  • spicey girls ~ ah, but there is really only one, Mrs. Beckham!
  • “kick ’em in the other knee” video ~ this results in one of the now-many posts where Yahoo or some other source has cycled out the referenced photo.
  • june december romance ~ heh. may, june, what’s the difference?
  • housekeeping pichers ~ there were two searches on this one. i find it both intriguing and sad.
  • hegemony ~ yep, there’s plenty of that around the blogosphere.
  • world’s largest condom ~ yes, apparently, it is.
  • zen cabin ~ a wonderful blog to visit. you should do so.
  • lolcons ~ so qt. so frry. so fun!
  • talk to the hand humor ~ is funny if you can handle it!
  • draft bush ~ yeah, no shit. at least two of ’em could do something worthwhile with the armchair general rhetoric.
  • biguns ~ there’s all sorts of big boobs in Washington, D.C.
  • frozen woolly mammoth ~ it’s the coolest!
  • polar opposites and blurring ~ sounds kinky. i hope this visitor stayed around for a while!
  • “Lookit Here!” ~ that’s the whole point of this, isn’t it?
  • after rove, is condi next to go ~ a damn fine question.
  • contest impossible thing to do ~ ummmm: i can’t make this result in anything on the otherwhirled, but i’ll take the hit anyway.
  • danger bear ~ EEEEEKKK!
  • other might have forget ~ yeah, like how to form a sentence?
  • sciolism ~ a little-understood word that i blogged about a while back.
  • otherwhirled ~ well, holy shit. exactly one out of several thousand search-engine users were actually looking for the otherwhirled. my karma sucks. o well….

and on that note…catch you next time!

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LOLcons: I did it my way.

I did it my way. (Jason Reed/Reuters)‘LOLcons’ concept created by Jon Swift and named by Marita.

Original photo credit: Jason Reed/Reuters

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Death by Dental Hygienist?

flossie_tmo_2007223.jpg Okay, I appreciate that it’s a tough job tracking major storms across the entire planet. But…”Flossie”? They’re having to resort to names that haven’t hardly been used for generations, with the exception of cartoon characters for the Dental industry? Or maybe after 32-year-old movies? No, wait, maybe somebody at the Central Pacific Hurricane Center decided to commemorate this maniacal knitter. I kid, of course. She seems like an awfully nice person to have had a destructive force of nature named after her. Perhaps someone at the CPHC has an overwhelming aversion to yarn.

Personally, if I lived in Hawaii, and my family got wiped out by “Hurricane Flossie”, I’d be making up a story about how the Volcano God came and took them away. Of course, if the kids keep blowing off their chores, I may have to do that anyway….

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No, that’s $250 for the dog,

(REUTERS/Larry Downing) “and $5 for the wife!”

photo credit: REUTERS/Larry Downing

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Don’t worry, Karl,

(Jim Bourg/Reuters) “as long as you can mix a good drink, you’re always welcome to visit us!”

photo credit: Jim Bourg/Reuters

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Back to basics for Chimpy

(REUTERS/Supri) “White House aides are currently negotiating which extra duties they will undertake after the departure of Karl Rove. Most of the duties are not all that pleasant, of course.”

photo credit: REUTERS/Supri

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