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Now, Ya’ll jist stoppit!

(Larry Downing/Reuters) “Mah mama and mah Unca Dickey say Ah’m doin’ a fahn job of presidentin, so ya’ll’d better leave me alone!”

photo credit: Larry Downing/Reuters

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Hah! I Is Sailin’ Teh InterTubes!

Well, Family Other has made it to the temporary location of Family Other. No Wi-Fi deliciousness here at the resort, but I am connected through the electrotubular system (they needed a new word for that, so I just made one up). Not a bad trip. The kids did well. We are in Golena, IL, and will be ripping into all the tourist spots like a bunch of tourists starting tomorrow. Whee!

In the meantime, I’ll try to post something more entertaining here in a bit. Gotta be a dad and all that shit, ya know. 😉

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