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New Additions to the Blogroll

Having been duly admonished via email by a couple of friends, and thanks to suddenly realizing there was at least one unrequited link to the otherwhirled out there, I decided to update my blogroll this morning. I will probably be adding some more throughout the week, especially to the “Inspirations” category, but I needed to stop for now before I become entirely irresponsible on what is already a shortened day because it’s my son’s first day of school, and I’m the official chauffeur.

(So, yes, for those of you that have been wondering, I do fall into the category of “stay-at-home dad”. However, I manage to also run a relatively successful business from home, and I don’t do windows. Unless I’m told to….Anyway, shut up.)

Added this morning to “Inspirations”:

And to the “Opinions” category:

Read and enjoy. And Jess: thanks for the link, and I’m very sorry I missed it before today!

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Hah! I Is Sailin’ Teh InterTubes!

Well, Family Other has made it to the temporary location of Family Other. No Wi-Fi deliciousness here at the resort, but I am connected through the electrotubular system (they needed a new word for that, so I just made one up). Not a bad trip. The kids did well. We are in Golena, IL, and will be ripping into all the tourist spots like a bunch of tourists starting tomorrow. Whee!

In the meantime, I’ll try to post something more entertaining here in a bit. Gotta be a dad and all that shit, ya know. 😉

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Light Posting Announcement

Yep, the Family Other is going to go visit the captivating climate of Elsewhere (which is located somewhere in the Otherwhirled which I have not yet visited) for a few days that will, later on, no doubt be referred to as “vacation”, even though it’s going to be frankly way too short for that. But hey, any number of days filled with wanton irresponsibility strung together in a row and capped off on either end with interminable lengths of driving has got to be good, right?

I will be taking a laptop along and we’ll hopefully hit some free Wi-Fi deliciousness so that I can possibly contribute from time to time as we traverse the real otherwhirled. But in case that falls through, I have once again invited those sly devils, Tengrain and Dr. Monkey von Monkerstein to guest-blog.

Here’s hoping everyone will continue in their own private Otherwhirledly decadence while I’m away.

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Nothing ever goes as planned

sorry, folks. i wanted to participate in the blogswarm, but that problem i mentioned earlier wound up being a multi-day affair with which i am not yet finished, despite having to roll out of town for a few days. bah, humbug. i’ve asked the previous guest-bloggers to throw some stuff up here while i’m gone through sunday, and hopefully they will. the past few weeks have been busier than all get-out. i’m very sorry the blog has suffered. here’s hoping everything is well with the rest of you.

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the other one returns!

commander other has returned from his hiatus in the natural sauna that is otherwise referred to as “Des Moines”, where he frolicked about in the hot sun and punished all sorts of boys and girls for playing the game of soccer, and otherwise had a fine time pissing off coaches and parents by calling bad things fouls and not calling perfectly acceptable things fouls.

commander other has no idea what has happened to his blog categories in the hands of his guest bloggers, but realizes it was something entertainingly bizarre, and thus will blithely ignore any confusion which might have been created by his not describing what his categories were about to said guest bloggers. those of you who understood commander other’s categorization (all one or two of you), please rest assured that that he will probably deviate from it soon enough himself. naturally, commander other is very pleased with the quality of support from those two nefariously funny people….er….person and simian. he had a great time reading through their posts.

commander other will post more later tonight or tomorrow, after spending some family time with his….er….family. he has missed his little portion of the blogosphere very much, and hopes he finds you all well. he has now grown tired of referring to himself in the third person.

thank you all for your continued readership. except for you damned backwards-ass republitards, of course!

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Beware! Guest Bloggers Be Afoot!

As I will be out of town for several days starting on Friday, I put out a call for guest-bloggers, and the esteemed Tengrain of “Mock, Paper Scissors” fame and the renowned drmonkey of “Monkey Muck“, took me up on the offer. So, expect to see some posts from them in the days to come.

Or…er…already, as the case may be. I guess monkeys don’t read the fine print (probably because this human doesn’t write all that well). I am very pleased to have others (others of such high regard, I might add) helping in this endeavor to capitalize upon the obvious, and not-so-obvious, editorializations of certain photographers who work the political beats! Their “keys to the kingdom” are eternal, unless they start throwing poop or scissors at each other, of course…

At any rate, a big, hearty Otherwhirled howdy-do to Tengrain and drmonkey. And welcome to all simians and scissorheads!

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Commander Other is Soliciting Guest Snarkers

i will be at an all-day shoot this coming Friday, and out of town from Saturday through next Wednesday. in other words, i won’t be around to blog from June 22nd through the 27th. the way i see it, i could either frantically try to put together a ton of pre-dated posts that will automatically go live at the appropriate times, and probably be relevant to exactly nothing that’s actually going on in the world, or i could get (an)other person(s) who enjoy(s) poking their fingers in the eyes of public figures to keep everyone entertained during my hiatus.

if you’re interested in guest-snarking, reply here with a facsimile of your email address and links to your work (if you’re not blogrolled), and i’ll make some keys to the kingdom for you. this could even potentially lead to ongoing guest-snarkery so that the 100 or so per day that swing by the otherwhirled don’t get too incredibly bored.

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