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Death by Dental Hygienist?

flossie_tmo_2007223.jpg Okay, I appreciate that it’s a tough job tracking major storms across the entire planet. But…”Flossie”? They’re having to resort to names that haven’t hardly been used for generations, with the exception of cartoon characters for the Dental industry? Or maybe after 32-year-old movies? No, wait, maybe somebody at the Central Pacific Hurricane Center decided to commemorate this maniacal knitter. I kid, of course. She seems like an awfully nice person to have had a destructive force of nature named after her. Perhaps someone at the CPHC has an overwhelming aversion to yarn.

Personally, if I lived in Hawaii, and my family got wiped out by “Hurricane Flossie”, I’d be making up a story about how the Volcano God came and took them away. Of course, if the kids keep blowing off their chores, I may have to do that anyway….


2007.08.14 - Posted by | humor, snark

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  1. I love the name Flossie. More hurricanes should be named after cows. Or puppies. Think of it: Hurricane Puddles is bearing down on New Orleans. Oddly appropriate, I would say.


    Comment by Bing McGhandi | 2007.08.14 | Reply

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