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Addictions be damned!

addicted to blogging I got 81%, but cannot embed the code they provide on this public wordpress. call it reason #541.3 as to why i’ll be moving the otherwhirled to its own domain here in the next couple of months. you can click that image to take the quiz yourself and satisfy your own curiosity about the relative impact of your addictions.

speaking of which, if there are any web designers/wordpress template designers in the readership who are interested in previewing/commenting/suggesting on the design of my business site and this blog, be advised that as a business, i work almost exclusively by referrals, and i will make sure you get some. if you’d like to participate, hit me up in the comments or via my business contact form.

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LOLcons: Ha-ha! U gots punkd, ‘Murica!

Ha-ha! U gots punkd, 'Murika! (Reuters/Jonathan Ernst/Files) ‘LOLcons’ concept created by Jon Swift and named by Marita.

original photo credit: Reuters/Jonathan Ernst/Files

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Another Chicken Has Flown the Coup

(Yuri Gripas/Reuters) “Shown here pretending to be remorseful about stuff he claims he didn’t do, Alberto (I will never resign) Gonzales is apparently finally resigning today. Go figure.”

and yes, the title is spelled that way on purpose.

photo credit: Yuri Gripas/Reuters

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Bush Mannequins now 50% off!

(Yuri Gripas/Reuters) “Today on the White House lawn, Bush Family Mannequins are being sold with proceeds going towards the various legal defense funds needed to support various Bush Administration officials.”

photo credit: Yuri Gripas/Reuters

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