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In case it wasn’t already sorely obvious

Republican members of the House of Representatives are some petulant, petty, sycophantic political pustules. Because when the going got tough for them (that is, when it became clear they weren’t going to get their way), the little pussies got going. This kind of shit, more than anything else, honestly makes me embarrassed to be an American. It doesn’t make me want to not be one, but to my non-American visitors, I humbly apologize that so many of our elected officials are complete and utter morons.

Democracy? It ain’t much of one anymore, that’s for damn sure.

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One of these things…

(AP Photo/Ron Edmonds) “…is pretty much just like the other things.”

i know you already knew that, but felt it was worth bringing up again, as no doubt the “Independent Democrat” will say something this weekend that will further obviate the aforementioned similarity. just sayin’.

photo credit: AP Photo/Ron Edmonds

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A little more rum…

(REUTERS/Peter Newcomb) …in the Iceberg Lettuce, and she’s gonna look like boiled cabbage.

editorial note: Alright, so she’s looking like the stronger of the Democratic candidates right now, according to many polls and considerations. I still think that, as great a statement as it would be for us to have a female president, her candidacy is fast becoming a rallying point for the neoconservatives to a degree that may well saddle us with {gag} a ‘President Romney’ or {shudder} a ‘President Giuliani’. Until she wins the Democratic Party nomination, I will continue to cast dispersions Senator Clinton’s way. I do not believe that given the current political climate, she is what this country really needs; and while I appreciate that certain moderate tendencies are beneficial politically, I do not feel that her moderate stances on this fake war and the power it places in the worst presidency in history serve the American public or our Democratic system of government very well at all.

photo credit: REUTERS/Peter Newcomb

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Lookit, it’s Mah war…

(Larry Downing/Reuters) “…and Ah ain’t gonna stop it jist b’cuz ya’ll’re thinking ever’thang’s fallin’ apart. Take a look around, peoples. ‘Murica is stronger now than it was durin’ tha Depression, so obviously we’re doin’ jist fahn. An’ Ah need more powers ta do summore spyin’ on people who maght be terr’ists, or who don’ lahk me an’ Unca Dick, ‘cuz they’s all tha same. So, it don’t matter if’n a bridge goes tumblin’. We gots us a war ta win, ya’ll. Ah’m tha Decider, an’ Ah said that’s how it’s gonna be. An’ don’choo fergittit!”

photo credit: Larry Downing/Reuters

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Little Napolean…

(REUTERS/Larry Downing) “…attempts to ponder the the inherent irony in the slow, nation-wide collapse of infrastructure while so much money is spent on a questionably necessary and functionally useless war. He pondered the situation for approximately 30 seconds, then went to have ice-cream.”

photo credit: REUTERS/Larry Downing

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