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Test Question: Presidential Cabilities.

(Reuters/Jim Young) Your test question for the day:

And when it came time for the American President to lead the great Circle Jerk of North American Leaders, he proved incapable of:

  1. leading
  2. coherent thought
  3. forming a circle
  4. unfastening his own pants
  5. finding his own penis
  6. not strangling himself with his own belt
  7. all of the above

SPECIAL BONUS QUESTION: Use all the options above in a short story, as inspired by FranIAm in the comments below!

winner will receive an all-expenses paid, round-trip ticket to their own bathrooms. your mileage may vary. see inside of box for details.

photo credit: Reuters/Jim Young

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Systemic Failure = Presidential Freedom

(AFP/GettyImages/File/Mark Wilson) “Yeah, I’ll take da hit fer dat. S’long as I can keep mah cool medal. Tha chicks dig it, y’know.”

Systemic breakdown at CIA before 9/11

photo credit: AFP/GettyImages/File/Mark Wilson

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