the otherwhirled

where nothing is real, and nothing else is sacred.


some of you may be wondering (some very, very few of you, that is) whatever happened to “Synthaetic Synapse”, why did i stop doing it, and what, if anything is so special about my return to the blogging world of late. quit asking silly questions, then. the simple answer is that it was too much time, Blogger didn’t do what i needed it to do, and it was way too scattered.

i may revive particular posts as the mood strikes me. it’s not really plagiarism when you co-opt your own soul, right? but with the purpose of getting things a bit more organized, i decided to segment my political maunderings from my personal ones, and to separate it all from my fine art stuff. neat, huh?

i am trying to wrangle my ISP into doing a WordPress installation for me, and if i am successful, i am contemplating turning the company website into a blog-ish format (for what i do, it’s VERY doable), and then run separate domains for these other functions. we’ll see if that works.

regardless, ol’ Synthaetica here is alive and well and kicking, never fear! his time is merely torn between work, the never-ending GameTap beta, soccer refereeing, referee training, and TaeKwonDo.

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