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Otherwhirledly Relocation Substantiation Declaration


Well, actually, don’t say ‘GOODBYE’, say ‘Hey, that Commander Other guy moved his blog’, because that would be far more honest and appropriate. And we all know how much honesty and appropriateness is worth these days!

You can now find the otherwhirled at its new, highly-guessable domain of OTHERWHIRLED.COM. If you enjoy reading the otherwhirled via RSS feeds, the new feed is

If you are kind enough to link to the otherwhirled, I respectfully request that you change your links to the new location. It’s as easy as removing “wordpress.” from your existing link to me, even though that’s kind of weird because the otherwhirled is proud to remain a WordPress blog.

See you over in the ‘real’ otherwhirled! Don’t be strangers!

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Impending Otherwhirledly Migratory Relocation

okay, here’s the skinny:

i’ve secured a certain, highly guessable domain name and gotten wordpress installed and running on a hosted server. i’ve even imported all the content over, and setup the site for a seamless transition. i still have a few things pending:

  • i’m still hunting down the plugins that i would have liked to have had up here in the first place, but couldn’t use on the public wordpress. once upon a time i had made a list…
  • i have to rebuild my blogroll by hand. i’m going to do that in my google reader (no, they’re not all in there), export it, then import it.
  • then i’ve got to do the re-registration tap-dance with all the aggregators, etc.

those of you who are kind enough to link to the otherwhirled are welcome to change your links to that highly guessable domain name (which doesn’t include the word “the” in it) anytime after Friday, but please do not do so yet. i will try to contact you all personally to beg your forgiveness for the inconvenience. as you can see from visiting that highly guessable domain, with this post, i have made the two divergent. i’m not worried about that. when i’m completely ready to fully engage the engines over there, i will simply re-import. that part of things is cake.

i haven’t yet decided how i’m going to handle pushing people from here to there once i get everything finished. anyone with ideas and/or experience on that are welcome to chime in in the comments. before you ask, securing the domain and pointing it here (the standard and recommended method) didn’t suffice because the very few issues that i’ve had with wordpress revolve around hosting and the desire to use certain plugins.

UPDATE: for those of you who figured out where the new blog will be (not that it’s really a secret or anything), please be patient. i have discovered several major bugs that may stall the migration through the weekend. and, predictably, my clients seem to feel that i should do work for them…all at the same time, lol….

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Hey! Look Over Here!

(various things found while tubing down teh internets)

Worthy readings, all. Be inquisitive and clickify!

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May I turn your attention to:

Okay, look. I’ll post some “real stuff” sometime today. But, since there’s a few of us who dabble and/or excel in photographic snarkery, I believe it is prudent for me to ensure that I don’t duplicate anyone’s efforts. When I finally got done attempting to turn portions of my flesh into charcoal this weekend, I came home, showered, played with the cats (it’s great being able to play with several pussies even when my wife is out of town!), had a couple of beers, sat down with the intention of making a few late-evening posts, and wound up doing client work until about 2:00 a.m. instead, because I’m either really dedicated or was jonesing for some sort of semi-valid excuse to sleep late this morning.

So, I got up a little after 9:00 and started playing catch-up on the blog front, which meant a boat load of reading. And I’m still not done, and won’t be for a bit yet. But, in the meantime, I thought I’d share some recent posts from around the blogosphere that I believe are worthy of your perusal. I know most of you probably already visit these sites or get their feeds, but just in case, I wanted to provide them here, because I found them a great way to start my day today.

I’ll be posting some of my own patented inanity here in a bit. Stay tuned!

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Hang in there this weekend!

Howdy friends and neighbors and visitors from around the globe who continue to search for nude photos of Condoleezza Rice and Jeri Thompson’s breasts. I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that Commander Other was doing something this weekend other than commanding the lint in his navel. In fact, he’s spending the bulk of the weekend outdoors in our semi-tropical weather (with wind!) refereeing some soccer matches and photographing other soccer matches. Things around here will return to the normal abnormality on Monday, after what ever time the sunburned and windblown Commander Other drags himself out of bed.

Here’s hoping you all you silly Americans have an enjoyable holiday weekend, and for the rest of you, here’s hoping you’re enjoying whatever it is you do.


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Search Engine Shenanigans IV

Previous Search Engine Shenanigans:

I’m always amused by simple things. In this case, it’s the words being used to find this here little blog thingy. Forthwith:

As has become customary, I am dispensing with the searches on various spellings of Condoleezza Rice, nude or clothed, spelled properly or not. I truly worry about some of you. I am pleased to say, however, that of late, searches on our lovely Madame Secretary from Hell have been down-trending. Searches by photographer name are way up, however, which I always find interesting.

  • assured way to find rockhopper ~ this links SES III, and i am pleased to announce that in a google search, the otherwhirled comes in at an unexpected third. not bad!
  • biguns ~ okay, i quit looking after the fifth page. let’s face it: if you’re on the Intertubes searching for “biguns” and you haven’t had your fill in five or more pages of search results, you seriously need to put down the Mountain Dew and exit your parents’ basement.
  • lovedoll laura soft ~ i thought that said “laura croft” for a minute there, and i was like “SCHWEEET”, but alas….again, however, i feel i should point out that if you’re on the Intertubes searching for “love dolls” and you haven’t had your fill in five or more pages of search results, please immediately shove as many cheetos as possible into every available orifice.
  • sailing takes me away ~ ah, my diabolical plan to hijack one legitimate web search seems to have worked. oooh….and actually, i hijacked three! w00t!
  • Theocratic Law ~ my curiosity petered out after the ninth page, but this obviously goes to my Blog Against Theocracy stuff.
  • diamondbacks logo ~ i’ve never posted one, so that’s kind of weird, but i did long ago snark on a Diamondbacks player, so i assume that’s what comes up for this one….somewhere after the tenth page of search results.
  • perverts are us ~ yeah, well…go figure. they must really be looking for Dr. von Monkerstein. him and those adopted actresses….
  • MANE, SEARCH ENGINES ~ surprisingly, i come up at the top of the second page on this one. better than i would have thought!
  • intelligence is relative ~ w00t! another third-place posting. i wonder if this searcher realizes that relatives are not necessarily intelligent, though?
  • lolcons ~ yeah, i know they annoy some people. they annoy me when overdone as well. that’s why i try not to overdo them. i place fourth here, unless you count the return for the wordpress lolcons tag, at which point i’m numero tres! again!
  • ginzo of tokyo knives ~ oi….vey. fourth? eesh.
  • Men who look crazy ~ Bing! Quit searching for yourself! you know where you are! (you too, Crow!) however, it should be noted that i am apparently number one among men who look crazy! w00-h00!!!
  • ya’ll politics. ~ that’s a good way to put it. third place!
  • ah m ~ i’ll happily take 5th place here behind Dependable Renegade.
  • dementia test, humor ~ i couldn’t find it. whatever.
  • the ironoclast ~ yes, yes our littlest chimperator certainly is! at least i’m on the first page with this one!
  • She was a good ship ~ yeah but could you row her? oddly, i’m numero uno here, too!
  • the other whirled ~ somebody (apparently two people or one person twice) loves me. i’m sure the extra space is just for flavor. naturally, i am number one here, too!

fun, fun, fun. thought i’d throw in the search rankings this time instead of cross-linking posts that i have to go delete all the ping-backs for. so, there you have it: a few things that bring people to the otherwhirled. i don’t know what brings you to the otherwhirled, but thanks for stopping by!

o, by the way, the new domain name has been secured. i would imagine that you can imagine what it’ll be. i’ll hopefully be moving off next week already!

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Addictions be damned!

addicted to blogging I got 81%, but cannot embed the code they provide on this public wordpress. call it reason #541.3 as to why i’ll be moving the otherwhirled to its own domain here in the next couple of months. you can click that image to take the quiz yourself and satisfy your own curiosity about the relative impact of your addictions.

speaking of which, if there are any web designers/wordpress template designers in the readership who are interested in previewing/commenting/suggesting on the design of my business site and this blog, be advised that as a business, i work almost exclusively by referrals, and i will make sure you get some. if you’d like to participate, hit me up in the comments or via my business contact form.

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