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Otherwhirledly Relocation Substantiation Declaration


Well, actually, don’t say ‘GOODBYE’, say ‘Hey, that Commander Other guy moved his blog’, because that would be far more honest and appropriate. And we all know how much honesty and appropriateness is worth these days!

You can now find the otherwhirled at its new, highly-guessable domain of OTHERWHIRLED.COM. If you enjoy reading the otherwhirled via RSS feeds, the new feed is

If you are kind enough to link to the otherwhirled, I respectfully request that you change your links to the new location. It’s as easy as removing “wordpress.” from your existing link to me, even though that’s kind of weird because the otherwhirled is proud to remain a WordPress blog.

See you over in the ‘real’ otherwhirled! Don’t be strangers!

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