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This Week in Otherwhirledly Visitations

A couple of days late, but it’s time for the weekly installment of Search Engine Shenanigans.

Of course, understand that since I’m on the public version of WordPress, the list below is not entirely comprehensive, but it’s kinda interesting, anyway….

  • condoleezza rice, Condoleezza Rice, condoleeza rice, condi rice, condoleezza, “condoleezza rice” (and other variations on the spelling) ~ i still think some folks are just way too fixated.
  • how to curve it like becham ~ first of all, it’s Beckham. secondly, it’s “bend it like Beckham”. thirdly, i used the word “curve” in my post because she does…prominently, even.
  • condoleezza rice nude ~ Ms. Ifill, while you are welcome to visit “the otherwhirled” at any time, might i suggest you merely save the image to your desktop?
  • Bloviating wiki ~ results in this, which is relatively appropriate, i suppose.
  • sexy condoleezza rice pics ~ sorry to disappoint. even granted the photoshopped bathtub pic, there are no “sexy condoleezza rice pics”.
  • ah like it ~ Ah’m shore ya do, pardner!
  • young and tender ~ another visit from the Romney campaign! Welcome, hegemonistas!
  • don’t count chickens ~ if you insist!
  • scented oil light show ~ kinky. and it results in An Evening With Condoleezza, no less! Nice of you to visit again, Gwen!
  • kittunz ~ mines are teh cutiest!. there be more abouts teh kittunz if you’re into that sort of thing.
  • man breast ~ i see i’ve garnered the attention of the little green footballers and/or the 101st fighting keyboarders. e.e.e.e.excellent, Smithers!
  • mannequin replacement parts ~ i specialize in anatomically correct torsos, but don’t tell anyone, mmm-kay?
  • may-december romance ~ because cradle-robbing should be fun for the whole family!
  • Xanax vodka ~ and yet surprisingly, no direct searches for “Laura Bush”, “first lady”, or “please God kill me now before I have to appear in public again with the little monkey!”

and then there are ever-more frequent searches by photographer name, which the otherwhirled responds to because i have the citations in the image “alt” tags in addition to the text. i hope these great photographers don’t mind the unsolicited editorializations upon their works, but it’s certainly fun to do!

So, there you have it, my second official installment of Search Engine Shenanigans. And a great time was had by all!!!

2007.07.25 - Posted by | blogging, humor

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