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Fox News Finds Its Next Anchor.

(AP Photo/Miss Universe, Patrick Prather) Look out, Shep! At 17, she’s probably old enough to intern, and the hair color is perfect. Her talent for reciting what she’s been taught is wonderful, and her inability to formulate a genuine coherent thought means she could actually go quite far with a Fox News career. Just sayin’.

photo credit: AP Photo/Miss Universe, Patrick Prather

2007.08.29 - Posted by | humor, public figures, snark


  1. What’s really pathetic is she knows she did something wrong by the reaction of others, but I guarantee she has no idea exactly what she did wrong.

    I heard someone yesterday try to explain away her monumental display of vapidity by saying, “We all have moments like that.”

    Well, I guess we do. I vaguely remember a few times after drinking a fifth and popping a couple of Percodans sounding a little “disoriented,” but even then I knew South Africa wasn’t in the United States.

    Comment by fairlane | 2007.08.29 | Reply

  2. I called that one. She’s a FOX natural (now her hair color, on the other hand…..).

    Comment by PissedinNYC | 2007.08.29 | Reply

  3. the Faux News weatherchick

    the rain in the iraqs
    falls mainly on south africa!

    Comment by Distributorcap | 2007.08.29 | Reply

  4. whats the difference between this bimbo and Chris Angel? Ones a cunning stunt.

    Comment by jimmyjoe | 2007.09.05 | Reply

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