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Impending Otherwhirledly Migratory Relocation

okay, here’s the skinny:

i’ve secured a certain, highly guessable domain name and gotten wordpress installed and running on a hosted server. i’ve even imported all the content over, and setup the site for a seamless transition. i still have a few things pending:

  • i’m still hunting down the plugins that i would have liked to have had up here in the first place, but couldn’t use on the public wordpress. once upon a time i had made a list…
  • i have to rebuild my blogroll by hand. i’m going to do that in my google reader (no, they’re not all in there), export it, then import it.
  • then i’ve got to do the re-registration tap-dance with all the aggregators, etc.

those of you who are kind enough to link to the otherwhirled are welcome to change your links to that highly guessable domain name (which doesn’t include the word “the” in it) anytime after Friday, but please do not do so yet. i will try to contact you all personally to beg your forgiveness for the inconvenience. as you can see from visiting that highly guessable domain, with this post, i have made the two divergent. i’m not worried about that. when i’m completely ready to fully engage the engines over there, i will simply re-import. that part of things is cake.

i haven’t yet decided how i’m going to handle pushing people from here to there once i get everything finished. anyone with ideas and/or experience on that are welcome to chime in in the comments. before you ask, securing the domain and pointing it here (the standard and recommended method) didn’t suffice because the very few issues that i’ve had with wordpress revolve around hosting and the desire to use certain plugins.

UPDATE: for those of you who figured out where the new blog will be (not that it’s really a secret or anything), please be patient. i have discovered several major bugs that may stall the migration through the weekend. and, predictably, my clients seem to feel that i should do work for them…all at the same time, lol….

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Hey! Look Over Here!

(various things found while tubing down teh internets)

Worthy readings, all. Be inquisitive and clickify!

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