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LOLcons: i spy wif my lil eye

i spy wif my lil eye (AFP/File/Jim Watson) FINISH THE SAYING CONTEST: What does Mike McConnell spy with his little eye? Is it the continued erosion of the personal freedoms of Americans? The desperate clutching at a program that has yet to produce reliable intelligence? A toupée that will look good with a misplaced sense of relevance and a self-satisfied grin? You retort, we decide!

‘LOLcons’ concept created by Jon Swift and named by Marita.

original photo credit: AFP/File/Jim Watson

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This lady…

(AP Photo/Chris Park) “…pays money to spend a few hours alone with a dog, in private. As if single men don’t have enough unfair expectations to live up to.”

AP caption: Shari Gonzalez poses with Loki, a dog which she rents from Flex Petz, Thursday, July 26, 2007, in San Diego. Flex Petz rents dogs by the day to time-pressed and space-challenged people and is preparing to bring its ‘shared dog ownership concept’ to Manhattan, San Francisco and London later this year.

Special Bonus: CAPTION CONTEST!!! Ah, the joys of getting a late start on a Monday. Go ahead. Give it your worst!

photo credit: AP Photo/Chris Park

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An’ zen, ze Pope, he say to ze leetle boy…

(REUTERS/Jim Young) “King George the Worst and Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi share a private joke together on the way to the G8 summit. It was unclear whether George understood the joke or not, but he at least had the grace to act like he did.”

CAPTION CONTEST: Complete the punch-line in the title for a free 18 months of political indecency!

photo credit: REUTERS/Jim Young

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(AP Photo/Robyn Beck, Pool) “Sporting a haircut that would have sent a ‘Shear Genius’ contestant packing, and a suit that would have driven a ‘Project Runway’ contestant to commit hare kare, Phil Spector…”

(finish this caption yourselves in the comments. the selected ‘winner’ will receive an all-expenses-paid vacation to their next-door neighbor’s front porch.)

photo credit: AP Photo/Robyn Beck, Pool

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