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Barack Opotter

(AFP/Getty Images/File/Joe Raedle) “Senator Barack Obama attempts to cast ‘Accio’ on Senator Hillary Clinton, who is off-camera. Unfortunately for Barack, Hillary quickly cast ‘Protego’ and went along her way, smirking.”

photo credit: AFP/Getty Images/File/Joe Raedle

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light posting today

i just spent half an hour, after getting up late, looking through my sources of ‘snarkography’ and i came up pretty short because my brain is not yet fully engaged, and i have a very full plate today that’s already looming over my head. if something that i saw this morning pops a funny into my head later on, i’ll post it. otherwise, it might have to wait until this evening, i’m afraid. sorry about that! sometimes the snark flows freely, and on other days, i kinda have to work on it. no doubt it has something to do with getting old. {sigh}

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