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LOLcons: wut u lukin at?

wut u lukin at?

‘LOLcons’ concept created by Jon Swift and named by Marita. (Online LOLcat builder was used for this)

Original photo credit: unknown, found in public area.

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Sure, I see how you are.

So, I didn’t manage to write anything today (and I neglected to get anything written in days previous and have them pre-dated to publish today), so I get like a quarter of the visitors. Not even people looking for nude photographs of Condoleeza Rice came by today. Fickle readers! Most people like it when I shut the hell up. Oh well, I guess you’ll have to keep visiting to find out when I sail off the radar!

Anywho, commander other is back in the otherwhirled, looking at a hellacious schedule (for the next couple of months at least). We’ll just see if I get anything posted again….EVER!

But I kid, of course. Posting is so much more fun than performing legitimate work for clients or spending quality time with family!

In the meantime, allow me to draw your attention to this little gem, which I didn’t see today because I was mostly driving. Damn, that makes me hungry all over again! Thanks, Tengrain!

~ I’ll be back to the regularly-scheduled idiocy in the morning. Expect more LOLcons, though. While I was unsurprised to find that such are not unique thoughts per se, they’re something I thought of doing several months ago (when i first “discovered” the icanhascheesburgr site), and I’m very much glad to see that it has taken off without me. This maintains my always-late-for-the-party approach to life, after all….

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