the otherwhirled

where nothing is real, and nothing else is sacred.

Saturday Morning Blogturbation.

Alas and alack, I am actually not present at the moment! Hah! I have fooled you with my pre-dated posts!

Today shall be an all LOLcon day, because that’s the kind of mood I was in when I wrote this post sometime in the past. My apologies for the lameness. On the other hand, I didn’t really even have to tell you, but I did because I’m such a great guy. And also because if someone said something to me in the comments and I had failed to reply, I wanted you to know it ain’t personal.

So, enjoy the LOLcons during my absence. The “con” part of LOLcon has been extended to infer/include “convict” today, by the way, but only because it amused me to do so.

Oh yeah…Hah! You don’t know what I’ve pre-set the times of posts for. Guess you’ll have to keep coming back to see when today and tomorrow things will automatically post! Bwahahahaha!

I’ll see ya late Sunday.


2007.08.25 - Posted by | blogging, humor

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