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New Additions to the Blogroll

Having been duly admonished via email by a couple of friends, and thanks to suddenly realizing there was at least one unrequited link to the otherwhirled out there, I decided to update my blogroll this morning. I will probably be adding some more throughout the week, especially to the “Inspirations” category, but I needed to stop for now before I become entirely irresponsible on what is already a shortened day because it’s my son’s first day of school, and I’m the official chauffeur.

(So, yes, for those of you that have been wondering, I do fall into the category of “stay-at-home dad”. However, I manage to also run a relatively successful business from home, and I don’t do windows. Unless I’m told to….Anyway, shut up.)

Added this morning to “Inspirations”:

And to the “Opinions” category:

Read and enjoy. And Jess: thanks for the link, and I’m very sorry I missed it before today!

2007.08.20 - Posted by | blogging, housekeeping

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