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I gots tagged! Me special!

Great. I’ve been “tagged”. Now I feel like a brick wall covered in spray paint. Thanks a lot, Fairlane!

Fairlane, he of the perpetual Kool-Aid over at Jonestown, has bestowed upon me “The Partisan Reflections on Pissant Provocateurs Award”. Isn’t that lovely? I’m not certain, but that might have been one of the words directed at me in Spanish yesterday while I was refereeing a couple of matches in our local men’s league, either before or after I sent off a certain young man with severe self-control issues. So then I get home, fill out all the requisite paperwork on the game, check my email, check on the blog, and here’s Fairlane calling me a pissant. That’s okay, though. I figure it’s a pot-kettle kind of thing. 😉

At any rate, intrigued by the endowment of my very first ever online award thingy, I investigated this long-winded award to figure out why I should be pleased to be called a pissant. It only took me a couple of links, at which point I discovered the source of this interesting little bit of linkology. Great. Now there’s probably someone else I should add to the blogroll.

But back to the pissant thing (which for some odd reason doesn’t spell-check in Firefox), I note from the source:

Let’s get the terminology straight. We are not using the Merriam Webster definition of a pissant. We are instead using the Urban Dictionary’s second definition:

Pissant – Little person blog with big attitude.

Which I think, pretty much covers the entire blogosphere. Recipients should also feel free to substitute, at their discretion, definition 3:

Pissant – Any person who is incapable of consuming as much alcohol as you can. Generally someone who has arrogantly been boasting about how much alcohol they can consume but then falls far short of the trumped up expectations.

Now, I’m completely fine with definition 3 there. When I was very young, my adoptive sister got very frustrated with having to baby-sit a hyperactive adoptive sibling, and she and her boyfriend at the time force-fed me a LOT of Coke and Wild Turkey, which resulted in a multi-day hospitalization with severe alcohol poisoning. (I still think of the bitch quite fondly, really!) So nowadays, I’m fond of telling my friends I can down an entire case of [insert presumably popular beer of choice]. I just don’t tell them it’ll take me a couple of weeks.

Oh, yeah, I was talking about this award thingy.

The Partisan Pissant Provocateur Blog Award

Anyway, Fairlane has bestowed upon me this award, and now I have to take valuable time away from my client services (okay, i’m actually running some PhotoShop batches on another computer right now) in order to bestow it upon five other unsuspecting bloggers whom I may or may not have taken the time to blogroll yet. According to the Central Insanity, (dammit, someone else I haven’t blogrolled yet!) here is what makes a Pissant Provocateur worthy of the Award:

1. The award recipients are pissants – i.e., they’re not the biggest bloggers in the ‘sphere, they’re not Kos or Hewitt, but their attitudes and proficiencies more than make up for their rankings.

2. They are provocateurs – i.e., they provoke other people into thinking about and responding to subjects they might not otherwise think about and respond to.

3. By virtue of the first two traits, they advance the intrinsic value of a government that is closely, evenly divided between partisans, so no one party has outright control of the outcomes, recognizing that (a) divided government honors the check-and-balance intent of the founding fathers; and (b) divided government tends to work better; reference the Reagan and Clinton years versus the Carter and Bush #43 years.

Like Fairlane, I’m not real sold on the “Reagan and Clinton years” thing, but what do I really care? I gots me an award because I’m specials!

Okay, so for those of you I’m about to tag with this incredibly auspicious award, here are TEH RULZ for your viewing enjoyment:

The Rules of the Partisan Pissant Provocateur Award:

1. Copy and link to this post (meaning these rules and the Award icon).
2. Reflect on five bloggers who cause you to gnash your teeth when reading their posts, but who you nevertheless feel compelled to return to and read time and again. Write a short sincere (or not) paragraph about each one.
3. Make sure you link this post so others can read it and the rules.
4. Go leave your chosen bloggers a comment and let them know they’ve been given the award.
5. Put the award icon on your site.
6. Did I mention you should link this post?

This award should make you reflect on five bloggers who have motivated you to unleash fire breathing partisan posts of your own. Carefully crafted logical arguments and good writing are a bonus but don’t overlook particularly sharp satire, biting snark, or a high octane flamer. Try to keep the quality high, but in a pinch, feel free to substitute your basic journeyman partisan hack.

I’m not certain, but I get the impression that DWSUWF was really just jonesin’ for some linkage, so I hope I’ve satisfied!

Now, on to those whom I think deserve the award!

  1. Iron Skunk (formerly ~have skunk~): I’ve been a daily reader of this blog even when he hasn’t posted. A wonderful wit and sharp, effective criticism of things that most definitely deserve to be criticized.
  2. A Progressive on the Prairie: Tim, I hope you won’t be offended by this, coming from the realm of snarkery and willful asininity that it does. Tim runs a great blog with extremely insightful perspectives on the world we live in and life in general, as well as very sharp book reviews to which I always refer before purchasing or even checking them out from the library.
  3. SD Watch: Todd Epp, a fellow soccer-geek, runs a marvelous blog, which despite his Democratic leanings gives more than a fair shake to our typically overwrought conservative counterparts. If ever there was a worthy pissant (definition 2), it is Todd.
  4. Sorghum Crow’s General Store: Crow’s place is one of my favorite blogs to visit, and he is a frequent commentor here. My admiration and appreciation of his online work knows no bounds.
  5. Mock, Paper, Scissors: Last but absolutely not least, Tengrain is one of my inspirations and favorite snarkerizers to read. He also produces the most posts of any blog that I read, and his wit bespeaks an insight that is frankly incomparable.

So, heave-ho and have-to, my friends. Thank you, Fairlane!

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  1. I knew we had something in common. I’m a “Soccer Geek” too!

    And you’re welcome you Pissant!

    Comment by fairlane | 2007.08.20 | Reply

  2. oh. i thought that it was that you couldn’t really drink more than two beers without stumbling over your Jimmy Buffet flip-flops.

    Comment by commander other | 2007.08.20 | Reply

  3. We’ve got Fairlane and Tengrain in common (oh resist the urge to rhyme!) so we must have each other. Prepare to be rolled Commander Other!

    Now you can’t say I never gave YOU anything!!

    Comment by FranIAm | 2007.08.20 | Reply

  4. Oh and silly me – Congrats. This is a pretty fine pissanty and provoking blog you have here.

    Comment by FranIAm | 2007.08.20 | Reply

  5. To get tagged, twice in one day, by such illuminatis as yourself and Morse, is more than I can deal with. Actually, two decks of cards is about all I can deal with. That’s my my Vegas career ended so tragically.



    Comment by Tengrain | 2007.08.20 | Reply

  6. You have good taste, commander.

    Comment by PissedinNYC | 2007.08.20 | Reply

  7. […] from the right, the left and the nonpartisan. But yesterday in the otherwhirled, I was officially labeled a “pissant provocateur.” I take Commander Other’s designation as it is meant, a compliment. Therefore, I shall adhere […]

    Pingback by   Well, I’ll be a pissant — A Progressive on the Prairie | 2007.08.21 | Reply

  8. Commander Other:

    Thanks for the props! Do I get to use the little badge thingy on my site now too?


    Comment by todd epp | 2007.08.22 | Reply

  9. all the information’s above, Todd. should you want to use the badge, feel free!

    Comment by commander other | 2007.08.22 | Reply

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