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Uncle Karl’s Wild Ride

(AP Photo/Great Falls Tribune, Robin Loznak) One wonders what, other than a modicum of psychological freedom, Rove-master Flash hopes to gain from the recent announcement of his resignation. Personally, I’m betting that it’s just another wild ride for the American public’s pursuit of justice. I see Lady Liberty strapped down in a chair attached to a couple of big-ass bungee cords, and no net.

photo credit: AP Photo/Great Falls Tribune, Robin Loznak


2007.08.13 - Posted by | humor, opinion, politics, snark

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  1. I’ve been surfing the blogs and it seems that some folks think the Rover may have a problem with the Abramoff shit. Remember, his assistant, formerly Abramoff’s asistant, Susan Ralston has been looked at and Larry Johnson (of No Quarter) said he has been hearing that Abramoff is talking freely abot Rove to the FBI. Oh I wish.

    Comment by PissedinNYC | 2007.08.13 | Reply

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