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As I already noted, I’ve become a bit enamored with the ClustrMaps thingy over there on the right. It’s been kinda fun to have around. I know it doesn’t do much, but it is, after all, the little things in life that provide our pleasure.

If that wasn’t true, I’m sure I wouldn’t have managed to sire four children. You’re welcome to interpret that however you desire.

Anyway, I decided to use a small portion of what little discretionary funding I have at my disposal to upgrade my ClustrMaps subscription. Tomorrow or sometime soon, you will be able to click on different continents for a more detailed distribution of your fine visiting selves. Knock yourselves out.

And keep in mind as you look at each little dot, you all have something in common. Well, at least about 54% of you do.

Your apparent fondness of nude Condoleezza Rice photos.

I tremble for the fate of humanity.

Okay, that wasn’t fair. I’m actually quite impressed to have such a high number of conservative readers who have a “thing” for Condi mixed in with those few you who might enjoy my witticisms.


2007.08.07 - Posted by | blogging, humor

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