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Outlink: ‘A trout in the milk’ by Ripley

The Zen Cabin is a place I visit from time to time. I have a weird approach to things: I don’t have the site bookmarked, because the ones I bookmark (or have fed), I’ll admit to to taking for granted a bit. There are always posts at these places, and the posting is very much what those people do, so even when the postings are insightful or inspirational, the existence of those posts is neither surprising nor unexpected.

The Zen Cabin falls into a category of blogs and websites, however, that I enjoy reading about once a month, and I’m likely to spend an hour or two or three in the visit, catching up on the things I’ve been waiting to read. Even the careful hand-typing of the URI of such sites is enjoyable to me. Ripley writes very well, and I wouldn’t normally want to sully such a fine reputation by virtue of a link from such an urbane cad as myself—which is why you won’t find the Zen Cabin blogrolled on the right—but I very much feel that you should avail yourself of Ripley’s insight in ‘A trout in the milk’. If you’ve not been there before, it’s a fine introduction to both the Zen Cabin and to Ripley’s unique style.

What kind of fun must you be having to ignore something so pointed, so straightforward in both its meaning and its prose? I’ve done a lot – a LOT – of landscaping in my days and I can tell you, it’s not that much fun. If I had the choice between spending a month on conference calls with Intelligence and Security personnel or clearing brush, well… the brush will wait for me. bin Laden, it seems, had a more specific timeline in mind.

Yes, I realize all that was obtuse. Don’t let it distract you from the point at hand.


2007.08.06 - Posted by | political hegemony, We Will Never Forget

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  1. At the risk of admitting that I check my referrals on occasion – You flatter me!

    Thanks for adding your voice, it’s greatly appreciated.

    Comment by Ripley | 2007.08.06 | Reply

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