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Outlink: ‘8-6-01 blogswarm’ by Jurassic Pork

Jurassic Pork at Welcome to Pottersville includes a small image of the “slightly redacted” version of the memo in question, along with Ripley’s email to bloggers inviting them into the swarm. Consider it a little “behind the scenes view” to the blogswarm, if you are so inclined. Otherwise, consider it a link freely given to someone whose writings I admire, even if he does post images of “slightly redacted” memos that are too small to read.

I always thought Tengrain was the instigator of these blogswarm madnesses. My balloon just got popped. Crestfallen, I slog off back to work in a vain attempt to please clients who always seem to want something for their money. {sigh}


2007.08.06 - Posted by | political hegemony, We Will Never Forget


  1. All you have to do is click on the minimized images to see the full size in a new page.

    And thanks for the kudos.

    Comment by jurassicpork | 2007.08.06 | Reply

  2. Commander Other –

    I’m sorry you thought it was always me doin’ it. I’m just another soldier, not a Commander.

    But I do some mean graphics! Each of us contributes in our own way.



    PS – I feel like the parent who gets caught hiding the Easter Egg.

    Comment by Tengrain | 2007.08.06 | Reply

  3. lol

    learn to take me less seriously, ‘Grain. everybody else does!

    Comment by commander other | 2007.08.06 | Reply

  4. sorry, JP…your comment was in my Akismet for some reason. duly retrieved now.

    er….yeah, go ahead and click that small image you’ve got there. you get a not-large image. which was kinda the point of what i wrote, lol.

    and i’m just giving you a hard time. you know i love your work.

    Comment by commander other | 2007.08.07 | Reply

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