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Lookit, it’s Mah war…

(Larry Downing/Reuters) “…and Ah ain’t gonna stop it jist b’cuz ya’ll’re thinking ever’thang’s fallin’ apart. Take a look around, peoples. ‘Murica is stronger now than it was durin’ tha Depression, so obviously we’re doin’ jist fahn. An’ Ah need more powers ta do summore spyin’ on people who maght be terr’ists, or who don’ lahk me an’ Unca Dick, ‘cuz they’s all tha same. So, it don’t matter if’n a bridge goes tumblin’. We gots us a war ta win, ya’ll. Ah’m tha Decider, an’ Ah said that’s how it’s gonna be. An’ don’choo fergittit!”

photo credit: Larry Downing/Reuters


2007.08.03 - Posted by | humor, political hegemony, politics, public figures, snark


  1. Too damn true to be even remotely funny.

    Comment by WTFAmerica | 2007.08.03 | Reply

  2. It didn’t take him very long to link that fallen bridge to the Democratic congress.

    Comment by Morse | 2007.08.03 | Reply

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