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A little more rum…

(REUTERS/Peter Newcomb) …in the Iceberg Lettuce, and she’s gonna look like boiled cabbage.

editorial note: Alright, so she’s looking like the stronger of the Democratic candidates right now, according to many polls and considerations. I still think that, as great a statement as it would be for us to have a female president, her candidacy is fast becoming a rallying point for the neoconservatives to a degree that may well saddle us with {gag} a ‘President Romney’ or {shudder} a ‘President Giuliani’. Until she wins the Democratic Party nomination, I will continue to cast dispersions Senator Clinton’s way. I do not believe that given the current political climate, she is what this country really needs; and while I appreciate that certain moderate tendencies are beneficial politically, I do not feel that her moderate stances on this fake war and the power it places in the worst presidency in history serve the American public or our Democratic system of government very well at all.

photo credit: REUTERS/Peter Newcomb


2007.08.03 - Posted by | 2008 cycle of dementia, opinion, politics, public figures, snark

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  1. Going to? If she wins, I’m going to have to change my blog, because there is no way I can put up with listening to her.

    Comment by PissedinNYC | 2007.08.03 | Reply

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