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Spam Hog Attraction Pondering

in lieu of Search Engine Shenanigans and scantily-clad photoshop jobs of the madame who is secretary of state, i thought i’d share with you some of the ‘usernames’ or subject titles that currently show up in my Akismet spam queue. it really makes you wonder what people are thinking…

  • patch perfect ~ obviously, they didn’t watch ‘Patch Adams’ in its entirety
  • kcfd cyjokv ~ you know, i think i trademarked that one after a particularly long weekend of drinking back in my college days. i may have to sue for plagiarism!
  • free cash casinos ~ yeah….right.
  • christian song lyrics and tabs ~ absolutely disgusting!
  • thank you notes for interviews ~ which oddly links to one of the ubiquitous online casinos. whatever!
  • DelaUtept ~ cautions us: “a long ago for you was not much interesting found for you on I advise to call on my resource on a fight against such spam spam to fasts of vstrech’ in ether if I to whom both may need or I in icq” ~ well, isn’t THAT special?
  • analiwx ~ has cheap viagra for us. how thoughtful!
  • birthday party clown detroit michigan ~ i suppose that might have been fun, but the clown forgot to even include a link!
  • home remedies for nail fungus ~ these people really are quite helpful, aren’t they?
  • find rockhopper on club penguin ~ it begins to sound like an old Infocom game…
  • nez perce corn husk bag ~ i always wanted one of those!
  • how to drive a golfball ~ Step 1. Make yourself really, really small.
  • furniture exposed to tear gas ~ bean-bag chairs with post traumatic stress disorder. like new!
  • realty in west mobile alabama ~ you know you’re a redneck if you can replace all four tires on your ’67 Chevy with the ones on your house!

sorry, i didn’t feel like doing photos this morning…maybe later.

2007.07.31 - Posted by | blogging, humor


  1. Well done, great blog and great posts!!!

    Comment by Internet Marketing Publicidade Online | 2007.07.31 | Reply

  2. i’ll leave the comment there because i appreciate the smartass in you (and of course because the content of your comment is absolutely correct) but the spam-link for an internet marketing site, er, not so much, LOL!

    Comment by commander other | 2007.07.31 | Reply

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