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Again! AGAIN!

(AP Photo/Jeff Gentner) “Senator and presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton reacts favorably to an unwarranted, unsolicited and most certainly unexpected ‘goosing’ from her spouse and former President, Bill Clinton.”

photo credit: AP Photo/Jeff Gentner

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The world’s largest condom…

(AP Photo/Ermindo Armino) “…can fit an estimated 192.4 quadrillion presidential penises. Thankfully, there aren’t that many of them!”

AP Caption: A huge pink hot air balloon flies above the Zwarte Cross, or Black Cross, festival in Lichtenvoorde, eastern Netherlands, Friday, July 27, 2007. The balloon, which organisers hope will enter the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s largest condom, was commissioned by local public medical services to increase safe sex awareness.

photo credit: AP Photo/Ermindo Armino

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(oh….me so punny!)

well, it’s Sunday morning, and i’m trying to get into the proper mood to start off a youth referee recertification class (i’m an instructor as well as a state-level referee), play in a co-ed game myself, then come back to the class and help grade recert tests. i enjoy all of the above, but i hate having to split it up like that. that’s the second time this summer i’ve had to go play in the middle of a class. i’ll come back, start grading tests, and conversation regarding what the proper answer to certain questions should have been gets distracted by ‘did you win?’, ‘how many goals did they score on your ancient ass?’, etc. kids. ya can’t live with ’em, and ya can’t leave ’em locked in the trunk.


i’ve been having a good bit of fun watching the ClustrMap thing change over the past week. when i first put it up, it only caught the last 45 visitors to the otherwhirled that day. after that, it started collecting ‘real’ data. i do wish there was a way i could keep it from recognizing my own IP address, but it doesn’t seem configurable in that regard even were i to pay them actual money. anyway, as i inferred before, the question of where my visitors live intrigues me in the same way that general question does when i’m out refereeing at a soccer tournament somewhere. while most of our life-connections with each other are tenuous and temporary, they are nevertheless typically far more diverse than we realize, and our sphere of influence is frequently much greater than we tend to consider. as a referee, that little nugget of information helps to keep me more focused and balanced each game. as a blogger…well…i can hope that my little blog here helps make it clear to others around the world that not all Americans appreciate what our current administration is doing in the world at large.

case in point, the map below. looking at it, i realize that ‘mah tendency ta rite an’ spel lahk tha preznit talks’ (and likely spells himself) probably makes much of this site completely untranslatable for persons who speak other languages and/or don’t speak English very well, and i’m honestly sorry about that. with the number of beyond-the-USA visitors to the otherwhirled, i’ll consider adding ‘real’ English versions of my dialectical snark, but to be honest, the snark is very much equal portions of the way it’s written and what it says. i’ll churn on that for a few days anyway.

at the risk of sounding like a software evangelist, i am obviously enjoying Clustrmaps, and would recommend adding it to your own blog if you blog. it’s a relatively harmless, and certainly enlightening little tool. in my case, it reminds me that i should spread out the snark to include more globally-centric things. i’m by no means anti-American (for those who don’t know, i’m a Veteran of both Panama and the Gulf War), and most certainly the actions of the current administraion offend me on several levels ranging from the political to the military to the functional. but that’s not all that i’m about by any means. it looks like i’m going to have to start snarking world news a little more diligently; then we’ll see if my beyond-the-USA numbers increase or decrease!

(note how i tactfully didn’t say ‘foreign’ numbers? imho, there are no ‘foreigners’ on the Internet!)

mmmmm…..pretty dots everywhere!

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