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Graph and Corruption.

(Larry Downing/Reuters) Just prior to this meeting, President Bush was not quoted as saying: “Ah’m fine with th’economy, s’long as all the charts and graphs point at meh an’ make meh look taller.”

Okay, maybe it’s just the cynic in me, but the graph on the left is titled “America’s Expanding Economy”. If by “America” they mean, “Halliburton”, I guess I believe it. The one on the right is titled, “Declining Budget Deficit”. Note the careful non-use of the word “America” there.

Frankly, I’m surprised, and even slightly impressed, that Bush continues this charade of reasonable leadership, let alone bona-fide interest, in anything other than his own well-being.

photo credit: Larry Downing/Reuters


2007.07.27 - Posted by | humor, opinion, political hegemony, politics, snark

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