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So, why did the chicken cross the road, exactly?

(Kevin Lamarque/Reuters) “Why, to shake the hands of the paid theocracy propagandists on the other side, of course!”

the original caption said “well-wishers”, but i’m thinking they are probably representatives of “Republican Women Who Can’t Control Their Own Uterii”, or something similar. it boggles my mind how many women support this administration. gah!

photo credit: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters


2007.07.11 - Posted by | humor, opinion, politics, public figures, snark


  1. Sweet.

    Comment by Dr. Monkey | 2007.07.11 | Reply

  2. Don’t know about chickens, but I stopped this morning to help a turtle across the road so he wouldn’t be squashed by a car.

    Comment by Sorghum Crow | 2007.07.11 | Reply

  3. i edited while you were commenting. thanks for the good word, Dr. Monkey!

    thanks, Crow. turtles need a little extra help now and then. ‘slow and steady wins the race’ only works if there aren’t a bunch of cars on the racetrack, after all…

    Comment by commander other | 2007.07.11 | Reply

  4. […] Bush edition… “Concerned for her safety, President Bush searches this crowd of republican uterine doners for his wife. Eventually, a Secret Service agent discovers that she fell asleep in the bathtub of […]

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