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(AP Photo/Haraz N. Ghanbari, File) I. Lewis Scooter Libby is a jerkoff Yeah, that’s right, America. WE JUST GOT PUNK’D! And that means that right now, you’re looking at the smug, self-satisfied, shit-eating grin of the lone free man in this country who doesn’t currently work for the Bush Administration, Big Oil, Halliburton, or the Republican Party. Puzzle me this: How the hell does King George the Worst manage to continue stepping on his microscopic dick?

Enjoy your freedom, Scooter Libby. With any freaking luck at all, this act by this president on your behalf will bring about the end of this president’s political career.

photo credit: AP Photo/Haraz N. Ghanbari, File

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Yeah, I know.

Blogswarm. Post. Get to it.

sorry. i discovered late last night that a certain “assistant” of mine who we wound up parting ways with last month never even got started on (let alone got it done) a huge print order that sadly included an entire reprocessing, thanks to incompatibility issues between settings in older versions of AdobeĀ® Camera Rawgah! so, i’ve got to reprocess and kick some 500 photos out the door by tonight…or at least before opening of business tomorrow in order for the happy couple to get them when they want and for me to be able to move on to other things before i leave to go shoot a wedding in the prairie-riffic boondox of western “Sodakia”, (as i refer to our fine abortion-obsessed state). after i get done with that, i’ll be commenting on this following article, sent by a friend of mine down in the Texas Republic from an undisclosed newspaper that I haven’t had the time to research yet.

Backers of healthy marriage law say it’s a way to improve society

The law, House Bill 2685 by Rep. Warren Chisum, a conservative Republican from the Panhandle, prompted derisive comments from opponents who called it the worst sort of government intrusion.


It calls for couples who take an eight-hour “successful marriage” course approved by the state to get a free marriage license, with those who don’t paying a doubled fee of $60.

EDIT: reduced to pertinent snippet and linked to the article.

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Gah. I am surrounded by ze morons!

(REUTERS/Jason Reed) “Yes, yes, so I not vear a tie. So I do not offend ze monkey president hoo cannot eefen tie vone himselv. I haff already removed testicle from adviser.”

photo credit: REUTERS/Jason Reed

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Later, My Loff…

(REUTERS/Jason Reed) “Tonight, when your leetle monkey iz asleep viff ze vite powder in heez brain, zen vill I show you vaht eet is like viff a REAL man.”

photo credit: REUTERS/Jason Reed

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Minimal Contact

(REUTERS/Jason Reed) “Vladamir Putin allows as little contact as possible with King George the Worst. Stupidity might be contagious, after all….”

photo credit: REUTERS/Jason Reed

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