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Notes on This Blogswarm Against Theocracy

Blog Against Theocracy II i’m going to start off relatively simply this time. First of all, allow me to draw your attention to my first two posts on the subject of our nation’s theocratic tendencies:

· Why a Theocratic State Isn’t Necessary, wherein i provide my unsolicited two cents as to why i believe this country would survive quite well without moving forward in its current trend towards a legislated theocratic deference.

· How Sciolism Defeats Discourse, wherein i describe what i believe to be the root of the miscommunication between evangelicals and other conservatives, and certainly between evangelicals and the rest of the world at large. Sciolism, to cut to the chase, is best described as “superficial knowledgability”.

for all the obvious reasons, i will be blogging more along these lines, and others, throughout this blogswarm. i am, however, still trying to catch up on several client endeavors today after six days out of the office, and in preparation for another four days away later this week.

i feel compelled to caution you all on several items as this blogswarm begins again:

  1. this is NOT an anti-religious endeavor. that those who would prefer that this country be run as a theocracy happen to be religious zealots is a rather obvious by-product of the tenacity of their faith. that such people become mortally aggrieved whenever someone disagrees with this is a by-product of their sciolism.
  2. this is NOT an anti-religious endeavor. many of the individuals who participate in this Blogswarm Against Theocracy are religious persons who hold a firm and steadfast belief in their God (or Allah, or Jehovah, or Whomever), but who happen to be offended by the politicization of religious and spiritual principles. i do not happen to fall into a religious category, but nevertheless, i deeply respect their moral clarity in this regard.
  3. this is NOT an anti-religious endeavor. it is a fairly logical extension, under the Bill of Rights, by those who which to protect the founding principle of Separation of Church and State, which was, incidentally, instituted by persons of clear religious disposition and far greater insight into the matter than the pundits and idealogues of today.

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