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Tomorrow, tomorrow,

Blog Against Theocracy II “we blog it, tomorrow…”

image credit: Tengrain, of “Mock, Paper, Scissors

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Spicey Spice Girls All Growed Up

Spice Girls (Dylan Martinez/Reuters) Spice Girls “‘Easy Spice’, ‘Stoner Spice’, ‘Gypsy Spice’, ‘Ditzy Spice’, and ‘Cheesy Spice’ have decided to revisit their untalented days and inflict their mediocrity upon another generation of unsuspecting youth.”

Hah! Bing McGhandi ain’t the only one who can falsely bump his hits by gratuitously blogging about the Spice Girls! Or by contriving ways to type Spice Girls repeatedly in a Spice Girls post! Yes, I’m avoiding work. Thanks, Spice Girls!

photo credit: Dylan Martinez/Reuters

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Theo-rhetorically Speaking…

(AP Photo/Sacramento Bee, Autumn Cruz) “…if you don’t vote Republican, this is what your afterlife will look like. On the other hand, this is also apparently where most of our Republican leaders were spawned from. Weird, isn’t it?”

photo credit: AP Photo/Sacramento Bee, Autumn Cruz

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White Wash

(AP Photo/Mahesh Kumar A) “In an unexpected move, the Department of the Interior recently declared that all American zoos have just eighteen months to comply with an order that all animals on display must be totally white, reflecting the rich cultural insularity of American citizens ‘who possess the true right to vote’.”

photo credit: AP Photo/Mahesh Kumar A

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Whirled Relations

(REUTERS/Paul Yeung) “This entire series of custom-made, hand-crafted Chinese Love Dolls™ will not be available for sale in the United States, although six boxes of the one of Chinese president Hu Jintao were recently confiscated by the White House.”

photo credit: REUTERS/Paul Yeung

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Whirled Leadership

(REUTERS/Jason Reed) “King George the Worst and his exiled father, King George the Helpless wave to cameras while fishing off the coast of Maine. Sadly, a rogue wave failed to capsize their boat.”

photo credit: REUTERS/Jason Reed

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