the otherwhirled

where nothing is real, and nothing else is sacred.

the other one returns!

commander other has returned from his hiatus in the natural sauna that is otherwise referred to as “Des Moines”, where he frolicked about in the hot sun and punished all sorts of boys and girls for playing the game of soccer, and otherwise had a fine time pissing off coaches and parents by calling bad things fouls and not calling perfectly acceptable things fouls.

commander other has no idea what has happened to his blog categories in the hands of his guest bloggers, but realizes it was something entertainingly bizarre, and thus will blithely ignore any confusion which might have been created by his not describing what his categories were about to said guest bloggers. those of you who understood commander other’s categorization (all one or two of you), please rest assured that that he will probably deviate from it soon enough himself. naturally, commander other is very pleased with the quality of support from those two nefariously funny people….er….person and simian. he had a great time reading through their posts.

commander other will post more later tonight or tomorrow, after spending some family time with his….er….family. he has missed his little portion of the blogosphere very much, and hopes he finds you all well. he has now grown tired of referring to himself in the third person.

thank you all for your continued readership. except for you damned backwards-ass republitards, of course!


2007.06.27 - Posted by | blogging, housekeeping, humor


  1. Welcome back, Mate. I cannot speak for Dr. Von Monkerstein, but I never found the liquor cupboard, and I left a full tank of gas in the OtherWheels.

    Nice porn collection, though.



    Comment by tengrain | 2007.06.27 | Reply

  2. my comment, by the way, regarding the categories was not so much to be snippy at my guest bloggers, whom i greatly appreciate and admire (and for whom i am devilishly concocting some niceties) as it was to get those certain of my friends who apparently subscribe to the wordpress categorical feeds to respectfully get over yourselves. seriously, you can quit emailing me about the categories now, kids, and i’m relatively sure your employers would appreciate some attention on your work in the immediate future!!! 😀

    silly rabbis! kicks are for Trids!

    Comment by commander other | 2007.06.28 | Reply

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