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the other one returns!

commander other has returned from his hiatus in the natural sauna that is otherwise referred to as “Des Moines”, where he frolicked about in the hot sun and punished all sorts of boys and girls for playing the game of soccer, and otherwise had a fine time pissing off coaches and parents by calling bad things fouls and not calling perfectly acceptable things fouls.

commander other has no idea what has happened to his blog categories in the hands of his guest bloggers, but realizes it was something entertainingly bizarre, and thus will blithely ignore any confusion which might have been created by his not describing what his categories were about to said guest bloggers. those of you who understood commander other’s categorization (all one or two of you), please rest assured that that he will probably deviate from it soon enough himself. naturally, commander other is very pleased with the quality of support from those two nefariously funny people….er….person and simian. he had a great time reading through their posts.

commander other will post more later tonight or tomorrow, after spending some family time with his….er….family. he has missed his little portion of the blogosphere very much, and hopes he finds you all well. he has now grown tired of referring to himself in the third person.

thank you all for your continued readership. except for you damned backwards-ass republitards, of course!

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Pick which thing does not belong


Then shout rude things at it.

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What Ah want ta know is…


how come you ain’t got no pitchers of Jesus up in this here mosque?

(Reuters photo)

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Was it a May — December Romance?

Fred and Jeri Thompson, AFP/Getty Images/File/Joshua Roberts

Got anything older than December?

Prospective presidential candidate former Senator Fred Thompson with wife Jeri daughter Hayden and son Samuel enter Mercy Air in Nashville Tennessee, June 26, 2007. AFP/Getty Images/File/Joshua Roberts

UPDATE: Greetings, all you who are visiting this page by way of running searches on the Thompsons. This post may not be quite the thing you’re looking for, as this site is basically focused on photographic snark, or “snarkography”, as I call it. On the other hand, you may find that to be a refreshing change of pace. Feel free to bookmark this site and return here often. Assuredly, since Fred has finally officially announced his candidacy, I’m sure you’ll find that he and Jeri will be snarked at more frequently. Subscribe to the feed, and you will be immediately informed of when this blog moves to its new domain. This post was written by Tengrain of Mock, Paper, Scissors, who occasionally guest-blogs here. Visit his site for more Thompson snark as well!

~ commander other, 2007. GMT

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