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I wouldn’t call that white whale…


…Moby Dick.

Hi Folks – Just a hello, and thank you to Commander Other for letting me help fill in for him while he is away on assignment. See you later!


(A Tengrain photo)

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How They Do It (II)

(AFP/DDP/File/Clemens Bilan) “A bear cub stretches during a morning calisthenics routine before suddenly jumping up and attempting to maul the photographer. Scientists believe that a strict regimen of calisthenics and stretching throughout their youth is what makes bears so dangerous. That, and those claws. And teeth. I mean, just look at that beady little eye. You can just tell he’s thinking ‘Mmmmmm…breakfast!'”

photo credit: AFP/DDP/File/Clemens Bilan

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Wait for it…wait for it…

(AFP/File) “…it’ll come to you in a minute. i realize it’s a weighty subject…”

photo credit: AFP/File

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Hey, Look! It’s Tweedledum and…

(AP Photo/Ron Edmonds, FILE) “…Tweedlequitfuckingwithourlivesdammit!”

photo credit: AP Photo/Ron Edmonds, FILE

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