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Beware! Guest Bloggers Be Afoot!

As I will be out of town for several days starting on Friday, I put out a call for guest-bloggers, and the esteemed Tengrain of “Mock, Paper Scissors” fame and the renowned drmonkey of “Monkey Muck“, took me up on the offer. So, expect to see some posts from them in the days to come.

Or…er…already, as the case may be. I guess monkeys don’t read the fine print (probably because this human doesn’t write all that well). I am very pleased to have others (others of such high regard, I might add) helping in this endeavor to capitalize upon the obvious, and not-so-obvious, editorializations of certain photographers who work the political beats! Their “keys to the kingdom” are eternal, unless they start throwing poop or scissors at each other, of course…

At any rate, a big, hearty Otherwhirled howdy-do to Tengrain and drmonkey. And welcome to all simians and scissorheads!

2007.06.20 - Posted by | blogging, housekeeping



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