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Commander Other is Soliciting Guest Snarkers

i will be at an all-day shoot this coming Friday, and out of town from Saturday through next Wednesday. in other words, i won’t be around to blog from June 22nd through the 27th. the way i see it, i could either frantically try to put together a ton of pre-dated posts that will automatically go live at the appropriate times, and probably be relevant to exactly nothing that’s actually going on in the world, or i could get (an)other person(s) who enjoy(s) poking their fingers in the eyes of public figures to keep everyone entertained during my hiatus.

if you’re interested in guest-snarking, reply here with a facsimile of your email address and links to your work (if you’re not blogrolled), and i’ll make some keys to the kingdom for you. this could even potentially lead to ongoing guest-snarkery so that the 100 or so per day that swing by the otherwhirled don’t get too incredibly bored.

2007.06.19 - Posted by | blogging, housekeeping


  1. I’d be glad to help out. Just let me know if you want me

    Comment by dr. monkey | 2007.06.19 | Reply

  2. If I can double post from MPS (I’m a lazy snarker), let me know.



    Comment by Tengrain | 2007.06.19 | Reply

  3. Tenrain: email me with your email addy (in case it’s different from the one i know) ~ since i’m up here on the mass-transit version, they require that.

    dr. monkey, same thing, but i guess you’d need to know my email addy, which i am reticent to make public. so, please use the form at

    thanks, guys (and monkeys!)

    Comment by commander other | 2007.06.20 | Reply

  4. we’re going to consider this solicitation closed for now. two of the best have already stepped up to guest-blog, and i’d hate to overwhelm you all with more greatness. 😉

    Comment by commander other | 2007.06.21 | Reply

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