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Just Discovered

okay, so, despite how much i get out, i don’t get out much.

i’ve seen Bats Left Throws Right blogrolled at a few places, but i just spent a while there and found “James Briggs Stratton ‘Doghouse’ Riley” to be very well-written and certainly worth the read. Riley intersperses the personal with the opinion, and that suits me just fine. I found Riley’s blog by way of the World of Crap.

some posts over there which i enjoyed, and which some of you may enjoy as well:

Goldberg on Education: Like a Man Selling Brassieres

Okay, I have to ask: how much time did you give that? Did you think it through, or did you type it as it popped into your head? George Will is widely rumored to employ a Quote Boy. Maybe you need to hire a Metaphor Wrangler.

Truthiness: An Impossibly High Standard

LAST week’s youthful exuberance about the process of deciding on a new furnace/ac combination fades into memory as the Elmer Fudd of my expectations meets the Trickster Wabbit of sales & marketing. I had imagined that this part of the process would be concluded by last Saturday. It’s Wednesday.


Which reminds me–this is actually not off topic–yesterday the Indy Star ran a blurb about a call for 500 extras for the next Will Ferrell howler, which concluded:

“Just normal people who want to come and work with us and dress in 1970s costumes, or wear a wig and sideburns.”

which can be overlooked in the same spirit we’ve overlooked the rack-like stretching the term “film comedy” has undergone in recent years. Showing what a crowd might actually look and dress like in them days, this side of Woodstock, that is, would risk sending today’s moviegoing audience into a maelstrom of anachronistic confusion it might never recover from.

at any rate, i’m adding Bats Left Throws Right to my blogroll, in the “inspirations” section, no less. i wish i wrote half as well as he, and should you find yourself with a bit of extra time on your hands, i dare say it’d be well spent perusing the writings of James Briggs Stratton “Doghouse” Riley. especially, say, early next week, when any pre-dated posts i will have hopefully had the time to setup before i leave for Des Moines, fail to show up at their appointed times….


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