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Just Discovered

okay, so, despite how much i get out, i don’t get out much.

i’ve seen Bats Left Throws Right blogrolled at a few places, but i just spent a while there and found “James Briggs Stratton ‘Doghouse’ Riley” to be very well-written and certainly worth the read. Riley intersperses the personal with the opinion, and that suits me just fine. I found Riley’s blog by way of the World of Crap.

some posts over there which i enjoyed, and which some of you may enjoy as well:

Goldberg on Education: Like a Man Selling Brassieres

Okay, I have to ask: how much time did you give that? Did you think it through, or did you type it as it popped into your head? George Will is widely rumored to employ a Quote Boy. Maybe you need to hire a Metaphor Wrangler.

Truthiness: An Impossibly High Standard

LAST week’s youthful exuberance about the process of deciding on a new furnace/ac combination fades into memory as the Elmer Fudd of my expectations meets the Trickster Wabbit of sales & marketing. I had imagined that this part of the process would be concluded by last Saturday. It’s Wednesday.


Which reminds me–this is actually not off topic–yesterday the Indy Star ran a blurb about a call for 500 extras for the next Will Ferrell howler, which concluded:

“Just normal people who want to come and work with us and dress in 1970s costumes, or wear a wig and sideburns.”

which can be overlooked in the same spirit we’ve overlooked the rack-like stretching the term “film comedy” has undergone in recent years. Showing what a crowd might actually look and dress like in them days, this side of Woodstock, that is, would risk sending today’s moviegoing audience into a maelstrom of anachronistic confusion it might never recover from.

at any rate, i’m adding Bats Left Throws Right to my blogroll, in the “inspirations” section, no less. i wish i wrote half as well as he, and should you find yourself with a bit of extra time on your hands, i dare say it’d be well spent perusing the writings of James Briggs Stratton “Doghouse” Riley. especially, say, early next week, when any pre-dated posts i will have hopefully had the time to setup before i leave for Des Moines, fail to show up at their appointed times….

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There’s always one in the crowd.

(REUTERS/Denis Balibouse) “Infuriated triathlon participants race off after the one bastard who peed in the pool.”

photo credit: REUTERS/Denis Balibouse

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David vs. Goliath, II

(AFP/Gabriel Bouys) “Spectators wondered where David’s sling was until he started untying his thong….”

photo credit: AFP/Gabriel Bouys

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Alternative Landing Site Investigated

(AFP/Roslan Rahman) “According to military officials, the US Army has not been experimenting with using the sun as an intermediate deployment site. ‘No one ever looks up there, so they’ll never see what we’re doing,’ a military official was not quoted as saying.”

photo credit: AFP/Roslan Rahman

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The price of entry

(AFP/Franck Fife) I’m told that participants paid an arm and a leg, and sometimes more, to enter this race. The winner finished by a head.

photo credit: AFP/Franck Fife

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Ya Gotta Hand It Ta Me!

(Jim Young/Reuters) “Ah am tha King!”

photo credit: Jim Young/Reuters

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I always wondered where it came from.

(AFP/Mahmud Hams) “An unidentified worker brings another bag of shit for the Bush administration to shovel out to the media.”

photo credit: AFP/Mahmud Hams

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