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Blogging Anew Against Theocracy

blog against theocracy, July 1-4, 2007 The Blog Against Theocracy returns July 1-4, 2007. The first “BAT” was a huge success. Yours truly will once again be making relevant posts here as well as working with Tengrain and Morse over at Mock, Paper, Scissors (tip of the helmet to Tengrain for the “BAT” logo again). If the subject matter is foreign to you, I encourage you to check out Talk2Action and First Freedom First to learn more.


2007.06.15 - Posted by | anti-theocratic tendencies, blog against theocracy


  1. Aw yeah, baby! Here it comes again! Woohoo! Where do I get a ticket?

    It’s like Christmas, without a fat man breaking and entering.


    Comment by Happy Jihad | 2007.06.15 | Reply

  2. Also, let me know if I can help.

    mr2sheds at yahoo dot com


    Comment by Happy Jihad | 2007.06.15 | Reply

  3. information on participation is at the link on the Blog Against Theocracy image, also from the previous logo at the bottom right of each page.

    Comment by commander other | 2007.06.16 | Reply

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