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Iraqi Parliament Member Speaks Out

(AFP) “An unidentified Iraqi Parliament member, while viewing the wreckage, was not quoted as saying, ‘Someone mosque ask them to stop doing this stuff.'”

photo credit: AFP

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New Product Announcement

(Lucas Jackson/Reuters) “In an effort to combat slumping viewership numbers, the Oprah Winfrey camp announced the release of the official ‘Oprah Winfrey® Love Doll™’. Initial sales forecasts were questionable.”

photo credit: Lucas Jackson/Reuters

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Old-School Music in Today’s Politics

(AP Photo/Aaron Favila, file)(unattributed file photo) Shoe-sie and the Banshees
(yes, it’s your bonus pun for the day)


(AFP/File/Saul Loeb)(AP Photo/The White House, Eric Draper) Echo and the Bunnymen


(AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast, File) The Cure


photo credits (in order):

Shoe-sie and the Banshees = Imelda Marcos ~ AP Photo/Aaron Favila, file; Leslee Unruh ~ unattributed file photo;
Echo and the Bunnymen = Alberto Gonzales ~ AFP/File/Saul Loeb; Bush’s Cabinet/Department of Homeland Security ~ AP Photo/The White House, Eric Draper
The Cure = Barack Obama ~ AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast, File

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Blogging Anew Against Theocracy

blog against theocracy, July 1-4, 2007 The Blog Against Theocracy returns July 1-4, 2007. The first “BAT” was a huge success. Yours truly will once again be making relevant posts here as well as working with Tengrain and Morse over at Mock, Paper, Scissors (tip of the helmet to Tengrain for the “BAT” logo again). If the subject matter is foreign to you, I encourage you to check out Talk2Action and First Freedom First to learn more.

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