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What elections are all about

(AFP/File/Tengku Bahar) oh. am i being cynical? pfft…

photo credit: AFP/File/Tengku Bahar

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Gay Pride

(AP Photo/Andre Penner)) “A Gay Pride Parade participant gags himself on his own image. Meanwhile, his boyfriend wonders to himself ‘Holy Help Me Hannah, I stick my willy in THAT?'”

Disclaimer: while happily heterosexual, commander other respects persons of all walks of life, and even worked in an ‘alternate lifestyles’ club in a highly conservative town for the better part of a year. i snark only at the photograph itself, not the lifestyle, in other words. while i’m sure my frequent commentors understand this, i expect the rest of you to keep that in mind, and keep your own opinions relevant to the image, not the lifestyle as well.

photo credit: AP Photo/Andre Penner)

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Why a Conservative America is a Myth

I have long wished I had the time to investigate information that I've understood subjectively for decades. However, I don't have that time, and I'm not trained to do such an investigation properly. Luckily, the Campaign for America's Future is quite capable of doing so, and their recent report on their findings of a decidedly progressive majority among US voters is a "must read", in my humble opinion.

The report is very thorough and complete, and the sources are basically unimpeachable nonpartisans. Read it for yourself, whether you're a Republican, a Democrat or a political agnostic, and I believe you'll find a wealth of information and background that is presented very objectively.

So, I encourage you to read:

The Progressive Majority: Why a Conservative America is a Myth

The report itself is a good-sized PDF available for download from the website.

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Govmint Edukashun

(AFP/Paul J Richards) Mistress Rice is seen here giving a speech to imprisoned children on the benefits of American public education, to which they are not entitled because they are foreign prisoners. The children dutifully applauded the speech and sang praises to the Rovian World Order, as required each day in order for them to receive their meals.

(actual caption: US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice announces the release of the 7th Annual Department of State “Trafficking in Persons Report” at the US Department of State in Washington, DC. US Middle East allies Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar, as well as Malaysia were added to a Washington blacklist of countries trafficking in people, the State Department said.) This is all incredibly important, because after all the homeless, parentless, legless, armless children in Afghanistan and Iraq DON’T matter, of course.

photo credit: AFP/Paul J Richards

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Hey, Europe!

(AFP/Getty Images/File/Win McNamee) “You all need ta send us more troops to fight our war and support our hegemony! C’mon, now! Get a move on! We done used up everything we got!”

photo credit: AFP/Getty Images/File/Win McNamee

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Fred Thompson Wants to be President So Bad…

(REUTERS/Dave Bjerke/NBC Universal/Handout) …he dresses up as ‘the Grey Death candidate’ on Leno. if you believe in one, thank your god that Republicans are this stupid. coupled with his rhetoric, this cadaverous Thompson has hopefully sealed his fate.

photo credit: REUTERS/Dave Bjerke/NBC Universal/Handout

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