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Bush On Parade

(Arben Celi/Reuters) But seriously, kids…what the FUCK is King George the Worst doing campaigning in Europe? What is the purpose of this fucknuttian parade? I seriously don’t get it. And how many people in the crowd were forced to take a day off work without pay to act like they gave a fuck about American Imperialism On Parade? Gah!

photo credit: Arben Celi/Reuters

2007.06.11 - Posted by | opinion, political hegemony, politics, public figures


  1. I hear ya. I feel your pain and angst, and I wonder the same thing myself. Having come off the terrible reception in Italy, perhaps he needed a lift. I wonder how much it actually cost us to get all those people out their to smile like that? They CAN’T be serious. They can’t be THAT silly.
    Just let him try that parade here at home. LOL. My goodness, that would be fun to watch.

    Comment by slivermoon22 | 2007.06.11 | Reply

  2. And in Albania? What the heck is up with that?

    Comment by Sorghum Crow | 2007.06.11 | Reply

  3. He’s not in Europe, he’s in Albania. Yeah, I just typed that.

    Comment by PissedinNYC | 2007.06.11 | Reply

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