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Can’t I take you two anywhere?

(REUTERS/Jim Young) “‘He wuz lookin at me, again, maw!’ George complained.
‘And him, with that, how-do-you-say, that spoon he always sniffs. I cannot stand him,’ retorted Vladamir.
‘Well, either you two can get along and behave like little gentlemen, or I WILL take the belt to you.’
‘Yes, mama,’ sulked Vladamir.
‘Okay, maw,’ George said brightly. ‘Hey, Puti, yer shoe’s untied….MADE YA LOOK!'”

photo credit: REUTERS/Jim Young


2007.06.07 - Posted by | humor, politics, public figures, snark


  1. Bwah! Perfect!

    Comment by tiredofthis | 2007.06.07 | Reply

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