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JC Penney’s New Spring Collection

(Brendan McDermid/Reuters) …featuring the hand-tailored “Cellblock Whore” line of casual forced-lesbian-sex-wear, modeled here by everyone’s favorite talentless bimbo, Paris Hilton.

photo credit: Brendan McDermid/Reuters

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Replacement Parts

(REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton) “During casting for an upcoming remake and modernization of the entire ‘Magnum, P.I.’ series, studio executives decided that the role of ‘Thomas Magnum’ could just as easily be played by a headless quadriplegic amputee mannequin with as much artistry as Tom Selleck played the original character.”

(oh yeah, it’s ‘entertainment day’ here at the otherwhirled. golly, how could i forget?)

photo credit: REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

and just for Mr. DeBakey….

freakin retouch for mr. freakin debakey

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Why does Chancellor Merkel…

(Jim Young/Reuters) …feel a need to kiss an ass like that one?

photo credit: Jim Young/Reuters

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God Rejects Crabs

(AFP/File/Christophe Simon) “The Hand of God began spontaneously appearing in Rome today, beginning an unprecedented eradication of crab-life. ‘Crabs do not enjoy the protections of God’s Unconditional Love,’ Pope Benedict XVI was quoted as not saying. ‘They’re ugly, and anything with its eyes on little stalks like that simply cannot be made in God’s image.’ The Pope later did not enjoin parishioners across the globe to assist God with stamping out crab-life with a new ‘A dead crab a day keeps your soul out of Hell’ campaign.”

photo credit: AFP/File/Christophe Simon

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Application Rejected.

(REUTERS/Joshua Roberts) “The Ministry of Silly Walks rejected the membership application of United States President George W. Bush today. A representative read the Ministry’s response as an open statement to the President during a press briefing this morning, stating simply: ‘It’s the Ministry of Silly Walks, you pompous ass, not the Ministry of Silly Thoughts.'”

photo credit: REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

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