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Oh, too funny

having been gone all day yesterday, and not having posted anything before i left the house at 6:30 a.m., i was curious today how many people came through. surprisingly, there was quite a good number of you (in my miserable, small-timer terms). one that that struck me as “funny” though, was that last Wednesday, i removed the ‘public figures’ category, because none of the major sites seem to use that as a search term, and hardly any other bloggers do, either.

today, however, i discover that WordPress has (probably automatedly) created a ‘public figures’ RSS feed, and naturally, the majority of the posts are from the otherwhirled. and, as Murphy’s Law would naturally dicate, that feed provided most of my hits yesterday. so, while i’m not going back through 170-odd posts and re-tacking the ‘public figures’ category onto them, i will start using that category again.

if it wasn’t obvious already, i apply a relatively subjective usage of my categories, and they overlap intentionally. i do this in part because it makes the tag cloud look funky, but also because it’s appropriate. not everything i do here is ‘snark’ (although obviously most of it is), and i think the separation of ‘politics’ from ‘political hegemony’ is important, as one example. ‘public figures’ is one of those categories that covers people from politics, sports, and entertainment, so i had come to consider it a bit too generalistic, but i guess if that’s how people are going to find me, i might as well keep using it.

anyway, thanks very much for visiting! the rambling is done, now.

{edit} ooo, neat-o. WordPress automatically included those previous posts when i re-enabled ‘public figures’. golly, could life be any better?


2007.06.02 - Posted by | housekeeping, public figures


  1. For some odd reason, days I don’t post or post lightly, the count goes through the roof. this leads me with the uneasy feeling, that if I just hung it all up, I might make it to being a popular blogger.



    Comment by Tengrain | 2007.06.03 | Reply

  2. i find for some reason that by and large, over the weekends, my site responds overmuch to searches on various spellings of “Condoleezza Rice” along with the word “nude”. my “Jilted” post is far and away the most popular, by direct visit. but (oddly?) only on the weekends.

    which leads me to believe that at least some of what i do reaches a conservative audience with an obviously sick bent, and who understand their sickness well enough to feel that it may not be appropriate for the work place.

    Comment by commander other | 2007.06.03 | Reply


    Submited post on – “Oh, too funny”

    Trackback by PressPosts / User / Gordon_Freeman / Submitted | 2007.06.04 | Reply

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