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Let’s use our heads, shall we?

(AP Photo/Douglas Healey, File) Fred Thompson announced today that he will announce his candidacy for president over the July 4th holiday. Apparently, having another republican contender in the mix is deemed to be somehow beneficial to the American political process. Proof once again that conservatives have generally abolished responsible cognition.
(unattributed screen grab) Of course, the basic problem I have with a Fred Thompson candidacy is purely aesthetic. Qualifications (the few that there are) aside, do we want a candidate, let alone a president, who strongly resembles the Crypt Keeper? Especially when the Crypt Keeper is capable of looking a hell of a lot more patriotic than Thompson? (and is generally a hell of a lot more marketable ~ I mean, really…a Fred Thompson doll? I don’t think so!)
(unattributed screen grab) The other side of this conundrum is the basic inability I have to take him seriously, since in the above pose and so many others, he strongly reminds me of Jim Carrey’s ‘Fire Marshall Bill’ character. While the role of bumbling alarmist certainly fits, I certainly wouldn’t want that kind of guy in my party primary.
On the other hand, whatever agonizingly stiff and duplicitous blowhard the Repugnicans want to expectorate as a presidential candidate simply makes Barak Obama look all the better, so…rock on!

photo credits (in order of appearance): AP Photo/Douglas Healey, File; unattributed screen grab; unattributed screen grab


2007.05.30 - Posted by | 2008 cycle of dementia, politics, public figures, snark

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