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The Biking World…

(AP Photo/Alessandro Trovati) “…has come a long way, baby.”

when a guy can look that aggressive wearing light pink, there should be no further argument against evolution.

photo credit: AP Photo/Alessandro Trovati


2007.05.27 - Posted by | opinion, public figures, sports


  1. Danilo DiLuca must have received his Roche Pharmaceutial researcg drug C.E.R.A. as he has transformed himself into a pure climber. (Good blood doping protocols)

    You remember that Danilo DiLuca was EXCLUDED from the 2004 TDF because of his recorded voice on a police tap looking for super EPO drugs from Roche?

    DiLuca threatened to sue Tour promoters—but did not. His defense was that he was only on a recorded line—and Armstrong had an entire book dedicted to his doping. (LA Confidential, the secrets of Lance Armstrong)

    DiLuca made a good point.

    If you can sell $300 sneakers—you can race to win.

    Comment by Curt Schilling | 2007.05.27 | Reply

  2. interesting information, Curt. being primarily a soccer guy myself, i actually wasn’t aware of all that. the intent of this blog is primarily just to make snarky comments on photographs that i find, and usually to do so way out of context (hence the evolution reference on a biking photo). i do some writing, but since i’m a freelance photographer in what is not exactly one of the more affluent parts of the world, i don’t really have a lot of time to fit writing in with parenting and other responsibilities. so in short, there’s no attempt at factual reporting or representation here, in other words.

    Comment by commander other | 2007.05.27 | Reply

  3. No worries–there is no accurate reporting in the media either. Frankly plenty of dishonest reporting in order to collect more revenues.

    FIFA is totally wacked out on blood doping too. Operation Puerto revealed over 200 dossiers of tennis, cycling, track and soccer players.

    So far—only some of the 60 pro cycling names have been leaked (Basso, Hamilton, Ulrich, Gutierrez, et al)

    The FIFA atheltes comprise MOST of this blood dopng list—per El Pais–yet not one FIFA name has been published.

    Advertising revenues have much to do with cover-ups (non reporting)

    Did not see yoiur blood pabs photos. they were red versus pink. Check out velonews sometime.

    Can you imagine ESPN busting Tom Brady for sterids?

    Comment by Curt Schilling | 2007.05.27 | Reply

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