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Entertainment: A New Otherwhirled Feature

Thursdays will henceforth be Entertainment days. Persons who live in the limelight may well be randomly slimed…er…snarked. Just as with sports, that doesn’t mean that entertainment snarkery won’t be presented on other days. Especially if something significant comes up. Like, for example, should Paris Hilton announce a sudden affinity for large-boned biker-chick felons on a Monday, I’ll probably post something about it on that day.

But yes, Thursdays are now officially “Entertainment Days” here at the Otherwhirled. If you’ve had a rhinoplasty or a boob job, and you get paid millions to embarrass yourself on camera and otherwise live beneath the sunlight of glamorous pretense and superficial relevance, you are SO in trouble.


2007.05.24 - Posted by | housekeeping, humor

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