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Almost as Disconcerting as…

(AFP/Getty Images/File/Sandy Huffaker) a fat, sweaty Republican pedophile, i find Hillary’s latest attempt to gloss over her voting record and change history to be deeply disturbing.

Arianna Huffington has an excellent article on the issue, from which I excerpt below:

Instead of honestly explaining her transformation from pro-war supporter to cheerleader of the war’s progress to tentative opponent of the war to her current incarnation as long-term opponent of the war, Hillary skipped right over the unpleasant past and tried to talk only about the future: “Well, you know, Matt, I think the important thing is for the Democrats to be united in trying to either persuade or require this president to change this direction now — that’s what all of us in the Senate are trying to do.” Sure, why answer the question when you can divert attention and blur the differences between you and your opponents?

what really strikes me about Hillary’s rhetorical spin, in this day and age, is its blatant similarity to the very things that she and other democrats complain about in the current administration: historical revisionism, bald-faced lies, and sidestepping forthright questions with non-answers and evasion. naturally, there’s a level at which all politicians are indeed cut from the same cloth, but is it too Utopian to wish that our Democratic leadership hold themselves to higher standards than those exercised by the people they’re hoping to displace?(AP Photo/Cheryl Senter)and how about this word-play from the former president, campaigning for his wife:

“To characterize Hillary and Obama’s positions on the war as polar opposite is ludicrous. This dichotomy that’s been set up to allow him to become the raging hero of the anti-war crowd on the Internet is just factually inaccurate.”

indeed, so describing polar opposites as polar opposites is “factually innacurate”. i can no longer discern which administration mimics the other, but isn’t it about time someone—anyone—held themselves to a higher standard? Their respective voting records are quite clear. Obama opposed the war in 2003, and Clinton actively supported it.

it’s unfortunate that the great leaders of the past cannot be the great leaders of the present. as Arianna notes, “Repetition does not transform a lie into a truth.” one can only wonder what Franklin Delano Roosevelt would think of the political shenanigans of both parties today, and specifically of Democratic candidates whose actions repeatedly suborn principled behavior in a day and age when moral clarity and ethical thinking could, and should, be the very ideals on which to campaign.

Assuming he makes it through the primary, Obama is definitely Commander Other’s candidate of choice.

photo credits: Senator Clinton: AFP/Getty Images/File/Sandy Huffaker; Senator Obama: AP Photo/Cheryl Senter


2007.05.22 - Posted by | 2008 cycle of dementia, opinion, politics

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  1. I find Obama very inspiring, I wish there was more of a track record to examine. It is the same problem I have with John Edwards.

    As for Hillary – I gave up iceberg lettuce years ago. No going back.



    Comment by Tengrain | 2007.05.22 | Reply

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